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Ray, you are *the man*!  I have to set up the permissions... and, (here we go again) I have to iron the curtains for under my layout/benchwork NOW as my wife is setup and ready now to sew (hem?) them.  You can try a test upload to the 01 Test folder... I can't remember if I left it opened or not...

I'll be back in a while... THANKS!

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This is a great subject, it comes at a time when I'm starting to think about 3-D Printing, my only concern right now, is I have no clue where to start, I've been looking at some videos on who has the best unit or their top-5 units but I haven't  found one yet that says this is basically what you need to get started.  Obviously, I have a computer, an I-Mac but what type (s) of software do you need to get started?  I've seen a number of different printers and I don't know what to start out with.  I'm interested in making parts for some of my locomotives that seem to be lacking parts or maybe changing some parts out that are on there but could make the engine look a lot better if it had some more detail parts.  Is there somewhere one could go to find out this information before investing a bunch of money and then finding out that it just may not be for you.  Had that happen a couple of times and would really like to avoid it a 3rd time.  It really seems like it would be very interesting and a lot of fun to do.

Great thread, thanks for starting it.

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   Thank you for putting up the Repository it will be a great source to those who 3d print train related models.   I visited the site and think it is coming along quite well.  Is there a way to put on the scale of the model posted so that you could then modify to what size is appropriate for you scale trains?   Again thanks for taking on this project.



All of the Contributors are modeling in O scale/gauge which is the original and specific intent/purpose of the Repository.  Firstly, we would like new comers to 3D printing to have *early successes* and not become frustrated, even by adjusting the scale... and secondly, for modellers not to *have* to constantly reinvent the wheel freeing them up for more creative endeavors.   If someone mistakenly (lord knows it could be me... I could even label the scale incorrectly) puts up the wrong scale file please let me or one of the Contributors know and we will deal with it.  I'll add some verbiage to remind folks that it is for O only.

Thanks for the insight!

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The main heading states O-Scale, everything under that heading then would be O-Scale, what would be a help in many cases is to put a few dimensions on the part that is in the photo which would let users have a good idea of the size at the start.  For example:

Roof Sign BBA_1

There also might be a word.doc explaining specifics that might be needed to help print the part.


Images (1)
  • Roof Sign BBA_1
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@CAPPilot posted:

I'm looking at getting a Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer.  Is this a reasonable printer for our hobby?

I have the Ender 2, works great for our hobby.  I recommend trying some of the freebies at Thingiverse to get a feel for your machine and get it dialed in. I found that heating up the plate again at the end helps when removing the prints.

Rose twist vase was made on rough setting, took less than 1 hour - It's been painted.  The Fractal Pyramid took around 5 hours.



Images (2)
  • 3D_vase
  • 3D_pyramid

JEM… and, all considering the purchase of a 3D printer,

Before buying a 3D printer I would suggest signing up with TinkerCad… it is a free, browser-based CAD program with interactive tutorials.  Take your time and go through all the tutorials… then, take the simplest design that you want to create and create it in TinkerCad.  At this point you have spent $0.00

Once completed, you will be in a much better position to decide which 3D printer to purchase... and, you will have a much easier learning curve to the software that comes with your printer and other available CAD offerings.


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I printed out an Elevated Track for my City.  I designed all the parts parts for the El and then found the ones for the Passenger Platforms.  Here is the link to my post:  Link to Elevated Post

I used NX to develop the models, exported them to .stl, and then used Simply3D to print them out.  I talked to a professional friend that I know does modeling for his company and he said to use Simply3D to set up the model and to print it out.

OK!  Less than a week in and we have 20+ .slt files in the Repository!

Ray, really, really GREAT JOB!  Thank You!

Testing is basically done (it never really ends) so it's time for anyone who would like to contribute to the Repository to get some files up.  If you would like to contribute please let me know and I will set you up to do so.

Rock On!


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@AlanRail posted:

Moving forward I have 2D lasercut prints. some are 3D engraved prints. Also combinations of 3D and 2D prints.

Alan,  If you have interest in putting them in the Repository that would be GREAT!!  If not, that's cool too.  I'll add the folders for them... in a bit ... bit over, Done.


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These are for my Track Vacuum Maintenance car; an idea that was first proposed by  LEE WILLIS, kudos to him. I am using the same MooSoo vacuum he did but in a laser-cut car of my own design that fits the shape of the MooSoo.

These are 3D prints of the lighted end inspection dome and the scoop attachment; the 4 smaller scoop looking things are for down lights.

Once I have the car completed I will share the .stl s


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  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1

OK... Very nice conversation with Alan (the publisher) and some very good things will be happening with and about this thread going forward... and, fairly quickly.   I'll defer to Alan on making any announcements.  I'm sure the participants of this thread and others will be very pleased.

In the meantime... lets get some .STL(s) UP!!!!!

Rock On!


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Working on the Track Vacuum Maintenance car. completed the scoop.
The scoop worked out great see photo of vac in cardboard simulated car. The small brush that comes with the MooSoo can be attached to the scoop in the small holes on the scoop to brush the track loosen debris on the track before vacuuming..
vac scoop1.jpg
The control cage did not work out as much, the cage  was too thin. So I increased the diameters.
Also in my rush to build I tend to laser print everything together.
I forget that real plastic models are in parts for a reason, like ease of painting different colors. hard to do when it's one piece.
See below. so I separated the pieces adding pins and holes.
vac dome and control.JPG
I added video screens to simulate feedback from cameras near the lights(not there). The buttons on the panel  will be very very small.
vac control.JPG
.stls  coming.

Alan,  I had to do a bunch of physical labor from about 6 til noon... and, I was up @2:30am.  The catalog is easy... but, I suck at it.  Just because one can program does not mean one is good at formatting documents!

I hope that the files absolutely pour-in for the foreseeable future.  I did put up a 2D laser, a 3D Engraver and a 2D/3D Combo folder.  It will probably take 50-75 folders before I can get serious about the Directory Tree... I'm doing a little renaming as we go along.  Ray = HERCULES!@!


Great project. Congratulations!

Two pieces of feedback:

1) I can see no way to browse the items short of downloading each model one at a time. The "image" icons don't work for me, and all the files show generic icons, not images of the item. I am on a Mac, and have tried three different browsers (Safari, Brave, and Chrome).

2) It would be nice to be able to tell how many models are in a given folder. I frequently drill down several levels only to discover an empty folder.

Not complaints at all, just constructive feedback.

Thanks for doing this!

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