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Yes, I'm as old as an ftp site.  Firstly, this is not a monetary generating endeavor... it is a small group of like minded people who are willing to give their time and money to assist others involved in the hobby they are enthusiastic about.  Secondly, what is the volume of available information?   Thirdly, the progression of the build. 

Initially, things need to be assembled... data, files, descriptions, photographs and videos ...etc.  These materials need to be well organized and properly tagged.  As the materials are uploaded to there respective folders they will also be placed in a database.  Now, is it worth the time and money to build a front end and have it hosted?  Let's assume we have all the materials needed to complete ten (10) 3D printouts (I have not been able to find 10 complete Model RR O-scale 3D printouts in a month of searching... remember *scaled*).   Is that the point at which a GUI is built?  Is it 50, 100?  At the beginning downloading a master list of the available 3D printouts that contains a description and photographs of items available would seem fairly navigable... read the description, look at the photographs and download the file(s).   It's free.

If, we hit an unmanageable number I can write the front end in the language of your choosing (I prefer C)...


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I like this idea. I print quite a few things myself. Nothing O gauge yet, but that’s due to the lack of available items. My only thought is, other than the site not working half the time lol, what’s stopping you instead of using your own site from just creating a repository or group on Thingiverse or the like? Not trying to discourage the use of your own in anyway, but just curious is all. 


So far this year my servers have been down just a whisker under 7 hours due to power outages (I live in New Orleans)... not bad for a home setup.  There is nothing *stopping* me from using a group service.  I don't use one... and, I haven't spent any time analyzing the pros/cons of doing so.  You, or anyone interested in this project can certainly set up an account on the service of your choosing and we can beta test it.  If it's adequate... you/them would be providing a great service to and enhancement of the hobby... that, I would wholeheartedly support!  Please, have at it!!!



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Dennis, great idea! I am onside 100 percent. Got my Elegoo resin printer about 2 months ago and have been having a blast making mostly scenic parts so far. I have two related threads running in the Scenery category here on the forum.

Most of the items I have printed were downloaded from Thingiverse, and started out as HO, G, 28mm, or 1:10 .stl files. Elegoo's slicer software allows you to scale up or down in all 3 axis, or only one. Its not perfect, but the results are generally pretty good. I have also had good success printing most objects flat on the build platform, without the need for rafts and support fingers.

I have been pushing for  repository site for 3d files and your plan looks like a great idea. Happy to share any files that I have. 


Hi Dennis,

I think this is a great idea.  My son keeps pushing to make more use of the 3D printer that I have.  I originally bought it so that I could recreate draw slides that weren't available for an old metal desk that I use for my train workbench.  Luckily my daughter, who is an engineer, is quite adept at using CAD software to design the slides that I needed.

My son is 26 and living back home since he changed jobs and this location is 40 miles closer to the new job.  While he is here he is helping me with building a pretty large layout.  He has the train bug and is probably one of the few that will keep the hobby going.  He just joined the TCA.

In the meantime, I think he would love to get the 3D printer re-set up and start printing things for use on the layout.  I was telling him about the escalator that Alan built and he was very interested in building something like that.

Let us know if you need any help in setting up the files, etc.


Hey Guys,

I looked into Thingiverse as I have heard that it is a pretty big hub for the 3D printing community. I created an account and uploaded a project I am working on intermittently to design a Railking Husky Stack compatible shipping container. Right now it is just a rectangle with the right dimensions.

The site seems to work pretty well and even generated an image of what the project looks like so far (even if it is not much).

Screenshot [38)

The site allows you to create your own collections which would be a huge benefit as you could name different collections depending on what they hold. For example, I put my shipping container in the "O Gauge Scenery" collection I created.

Screenshot [36)

Here you can see what the collection inside looks like. Another benefit is that there is tracking among the accounts. So, if you posted something I could save it to my collection and it would still have your name attached to it, ensuring credit.

Screenshot [37)

Dennis, you could still create your own system, but that seems like it might be a lot of unnecessary work when there are good out of the box solutions that are free. The only thing is that you likely have to spend time growing the collection. I still think it would be an extremely valuable resource.

Here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself:


Images (3)
  • Screenshot (38)
  • Screenshot (36)
  • Screenshot (37)

My .02 cents:  Freely available and well operating NOW doesn't mean it will stay that way next year or the years after that.  I can remember plenty of websites and software packages that started out as free, but had to switch to subscription, or pay-for-use, models to keep the lights on and the programs running.

And what happens if somebody contributes something in 2020, sees changes to the operation in 2021, and then decides to remove their contribution in 2022?  Would that be possible?  Legal?  Could intervening users be threatened with a fee to keep what they printed with someone else's files?  And how much of any of these answers depends on Thingverse policies?

So, is it even worth .02 cents?



The same could be said for anyone hosting files. There is no saying how long that the OGR forum will continue support our post (Hopefully a long time). The nice thing about thingiveser is that they are own by stratasys one of the oldest 3D printer manufacturers. The aren’t likely to disappear overnight.

As for legal action any platform could face similar issues. However, the likely hood of that becoming a problem is low. It would take work to find everyone that download your file and then tell them that the file is no longer under creative commons license and that they need to start paying for it. I’m also not sure they would have the legal authority to do that since the user that uploaded the file also agreed to a creative commons license.

My point is thingiveser is a great platform for sharing files.  

While waiting for my 3D printer to arrive I have searched, read, downloaded, installed and tested (played with) so much that my head is ready to explode.  One thing that is obvious is that there isn't much O scale available online that is ready-to-print (free or otherwise).  I won't get into scaling here... because, it isn't always lineal and even that may be beyond someone's ability.   Why should parts that are unavailable be continually modeled?  Would it be helpful to *all* if we had a Repository for O scale 3D files to make it easier for everyone to find/upload/download these files?

I will make any of the 3D files I create freely available to all forum members (without having to do so privately) via ftp.  I have quite a bit of storage/backup space (around 20TB) and 2 machines that run 24/7 as well as decent bandwidth... 200MB Up & Down.

opinions please...


Keep in mind that you can rescale any STL in your slicer to any size you want. I have taken HO models to standard gauge size. I use Ideamaker, you can also resize in different ratios for each axis (X, Y and Z). Just type in the new dimension. You can also slice the model into parts if it's too big to print, then just glue the parts back together. I have done GG1 shells that are 30" long (my printer will do 15")

I have purchased STL's from several modellers that have their stuff on Shapeways (who prints parts). Some of the designers will not even sell a copy of the STL because they are afraid that it will become 'wild' on the internet, available to anyone that wants to print it. They derive a small income everytime Shapeways prints a part.

I probably have 1000 hrs on my CR-1), and anxiously awaiting a large UV cure printer (very fine detail).


@AlanRail posted:

An .stl of my double head signal is on another thread.

Alan, I had a look at your posted .stl file in chitubox; really nice, amazingly realistic. Only question, is there supposed to be a second signal head, or did I miss it? I see only one signal head that looks like the lower of the two, since it has the mitered support post. I would like to try a test print of the file and see what success I have, though ladders and railings are often problematic.



OK... done with the cleanup from a windy weekend... now, onto more important stuff.

I do not disagree or have any issue with using any of the services pro-offered.  Does anyone have an account on one of the services where you can create a group?  If yes, then *invite* me and I/we can upload/download some test data and see how it is organized within that group.

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