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The Menards Power Plant smoke stack replacement. I didn't care for the placement or the style of the Menards Power Plant dual chimneys .  This is a two piece stack where one fits on top of the other and can be located anywhere but over the doors.

menards smoke stack

I paint striped mine with alternating colors of white and red.


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Update: 10/19 as of 11:22am... we have been live (sort of) for exactly seven (7) days and have 35 Items that are O-Scale 3D print ready in the Repository!  Just think, at 1 file per day from here on out and we would have almost 400 items in *O-Scale* available and ready for Modelers to print, in a year hence.

Thank the Contributors!!!

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Update: 10/24.  At 8:37am we will celebrate our three (3) week birthday!

In that relatively diminutive span of time... 55 O-Scale, 3D readily available and printable items have been contributed to the Repository... and, OGR has graciously has set us up with our own distinct Forum!

Download the Catalog and some .stl(s), add a Topic (ask questions, provide info) on the Forum and join in.  We live to serve!


@AlanRail posted:

As to LASER CUTTERS you need to use .svg files not .stl or .obj  files. Whew!

NOTE: Joanne Fabrics stores in your area may have Glowforge laser cutters for public use; Some of those stores sell Glowforges.

Thanks Alan,

I just went to Joanne's Fabrics.  Their Glowforge Plus is $15.00 per hour to rent plus the cost of the material (Plywood or Acrylic in my case).  The Program they use at this store (Metaire, LA) is *Inkscape*... and, they do sell Glowforge's at this location.

I have about 16 feet of Viaduct I would like to construct... I'll have to do a cost analysis.

Thanks Ray!  and OH Crap Ray!  I'll fix that when I get back!

Headed out to my *yard* (business) to batten that down.  I don't know if this makes any sense at this point but I think anyone with interest, questions, opinions, how -to's etc.   Can certainly start to put up some topics here (I'm really sick of looking at my face).   Yes, this is a very small niche community but we are definitely generating a lot of traffic.  Don't be shy... if we didn't want to assist we wouldn't be doing this ...there are zero, 0 stupid questions.  We will get to machines/software/materials discussions in fairly short order... I hope!

I'm off... l8r folks!

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