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Update: 06/15 5:07am... Catalog updated *108 Print Ready Items* are now available... in .docx & .pdf

Please, help guide other members to this thread for Access & Information about the Repository.  Thank You!

The 3D Repository Files... 3D Repository    -    O-Scale Catalog Download... O-Scale Catalog

What is the 3D Repository?
The O-Scale 3D Repository is a group of like-minded people who are giving their time and money to assist others involved in the O-Scale Model Railroad Hobby that we are so enthusiastic about.  Firstly, *inclusivity* all OGR members have access to the Repository.  There is no need to conduct file sharing vis-à-vis PM… this allows the modest members access to knowledge without having to ask… thanks to the generosity of the Contributors.  Secondly, we would like new comers to 3D printing to have *early successes* and not become frustrated, even by adjusting the scale... and, for modelers not to *have* to constantly reinvent the wheel freeing them up for more creative endeavors.  Thirdly, to keep tightly knit to the OGR community where knowledge, enthusiasm and sharing abound.

How does the 3D Repository work?

It is a flat file server set up as a *Cloud*… it is *not* a website and does not have a URL address.

Do I have to register/sign-up with a username and password to use the Repository?

No… it does not require a login.

Can I view an Image while using the Repository?

No… you can view an image *if* you use NetGear’s Client software *and* login… however, there is no login.   All images are in the O-Scale Catalog which you can download and view.  The Catalog listings are in the same order as the folders/file’s directory in the Repository.

If you view the files as a tree (i.e., in Detail or List view… first icon upper right-hand corner) you will be able to see the entire folder name.  It should then be consistent with and in the exact order as laid out in the Catalog.

The system is *evolving* (it was set up in a day) so, it will change over time...

Is it only for 3D printing?

Other machine technologies are encouraged and welcomed... i.e., Laser cutting, Engraving, etc.  Please include .stp files with your .stl files or .svg files for laser cutting/engraving.

Why don’t you set up the Repository on Thingiverse?

Thingiverse or any other similar on-line service are very good services.

I do not want to sign-up on Thingiverse or any other similar on-line service.  I do not want others within the OGR community to *have* to sign-up for any on-line service.

I encourage *Anyone* who would like to create a Group for the OGR community on Thingiverse or any other similar service to do so.  I will assist you if you need assistance/guidance in doing so.

          A HUGE THANK YOU!!




If, you would like to Contribute to the 3D Repository... shoot me an email ... and, I will set you up!

Thank you!



Have Fun!

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Chuck, I do not want to mislead you... bookmarking the link will not work *permanently* ...I'm sorry for any inconvenience.  You will be able to come to the top of this page and only the top of this page and re-bookmark it when it expires (this one should go about a month).  You can also bookmark this page and then click the link... the link on this page will always work.  It's not totally or entirely up to me when the link will become permanent.  I am sorry this is taking more time than is convenient but it is not intentional... we are developing, mistakes will and have been made by me ...we have only been live for a little over two weeks.  I do support this with my own servers, I am retired and I do have a family.  Of course, my wife and I are smack dab in the middle of a Hurricane at the moment... nonetheless,  I am extremely pleased that you have been able to avail yourself of the data provided... enjoy!

Again, my sincerest apologies to anyone who had to re-bookmark the link.

Thank you,


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Just a quick thank you for doing this, and a question.  I am relatively new to 3D printing, and thus far have relied on the kindness of others providing files to print.  The design aspect of 3D printing is beyond me at the moment, which brings me to my question... has there been any discussion or thought to a "request" section where those who are proficient at the designing of 3D objects might be able to help out those looking for items that they cannot find.



Yes, and, oddly enough that discussion is taking place at this very moment.   So, hear is one of the questions (there are many) that we are discussing...

Are you (the, Requester) able to provide *good* information/description/measurements/plans/drawings/photos etc. of the item you would like… to me, via email?

If you would like to try a test... please post the best *set* of descriptors that you can (normally, you would email them to me).  This would certainly go a long way in establishing the type of assistance that you and we are considering.  We want to be helpful... but, we do not want it to become a laborious task.

So, if you would like let's practice here... post your information here and, don't be shy ...we are here to help.


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Funny you should choose to do this now. I started looking at 3D printers on the 9th. Great minds and all that?

I noticed the catalog is in Word (docx) format. So for those that don't have Microsoft office, there are 2 open source office suites you can download that WILL let you access those documents- LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

LibreOffice is now updated way more often than OpenOffice, so I'd recommend that one. It's available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX v10.10 or later. There is a help file you can download and install too. Lot's of public support for the program. Will also print any document in pdf directly from the program. Does an incredible job of both importing and exporting Word and Excel documents. Power Point occassionaly will have a problem, as will Visio.
Download page:;pk_campaign=update

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Checked and the catalog displays w/o a hitch in LibreOffice.

I have 2 comments on some items in the catalog.
First OMG How long would it take and how many spools of filament would you go through to print the Cincinnati Terminal in O scale?

Second- Ray must have worked in a brewery. I do instrumentation and control work and pages 36 and 37 are very much representative of some microbreweries I've worked at.

Thanks!  For the link!  on the Word alt(s)... at some point we will .pdf the thing...

I am not very good at formatting (in fact, I'm bad at it).  My thoughts here are that when we get to some where around 100 items in the Catalog... that a directory will be put together within Catalog.   We are hoping to get some Laser Cutting and Engraving .svg(s) (with photographs) in there so we can consider the best way to display/logically place them.   Maybe at some point, someone will volunteer to clean it up and make it look a little more professional... as a .pdf or maybe, even make it live.

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Tom,  If it will fit on a Glowforge Plus (Joanne's), Shapeways... or the like, I would think you could put it up (we can note printing facilitation).  It certainly does not have to be printed/cut/engraved at home.  Let me show my ignorance, can they be saved as .svg(s)?  I know very little about this (or any) process.  If anyone would like start a Topic on Cutting/Engraving that would be great... I have a lot to learn (and, maybe a few other folks do as well).

We are a very small group at the moment... the more we can teach and reach out is a tremendous benefit to all in our hobby.


Have a Anycubic Mega S coming. Got me to thinking. A number of years ago I did 3D modeling for video as a hobby. Is there a utility to take such models and convert them directly into a format the printer can use?

Which brings up another thread that would be useful. One on free 3D CAD / modeling software and converters. Would be interesting if you could take, for example, a Blender 3D object (most used open source 3D modeling and animation package) or a Sculptris model (great for organic modeling), and then convert them into some thing Cura or other slicer software could use if they don't output in a format directly importable in the slicer..


If you have a computer model it should already be in a file like stp or iges etc.

You can open that in a CAD type program then export it as an STL, OBJ ,AMF etc. and these should be importable to almost any slicer program.

If you want to know about CAD software you certainly could bring up a specific question.

I also have another printer coming, the Prusa Mini. I have the MK3 already and it is great, the Mini is supposed to be as good if not better, now that they have the production problems straightened out, we will see it about the middle of January.

i will be very interested in ur experience with the mini especially with regard to mk3. i got my mini end of october and haven’t really experienced lots of the issues others had early on but still not happy with the amount of stringing it produces. it will be great to have someone to compare with especially as i am new to the 3d printer world and not sure what to expect. maybe my expectations were too high lol.  i am sure there r some prusaslicer parameters that can help i have found a few but still not happy. at least it cleans up fairly easily.

@sidehack posted:

I also have another printer coming, the Prusa Mini. I have the MK3 already and it is great, the Mini is supposed to be as good if not better, now that they have the production problems straightened out, we will see it about the middle of January.

Well, when it comes to 3D, there is CAD software, solid modeling and 3D modelers intended for animation.
Some of them are great and different interfaces appeal to different people.

And then it depends on where you come from in the 3D world. Most of my experience is in Lightwave 3D, Real3D, Blender, and a old version of Cinema 4D. There is a difference in the workflow with them and FreeCAD, openCASCADE, and high end programs like Solidworks. This mostly has to do with the accuracy required and types of models built in the programs. I have way more time in the 3D modeling / animation programs than the 3D CAD software.

You can get dimensional accuracy during the build with some of the 3D modeling programs, but not to the level the 3D CAD programs do. You can also model "organic" objects in 3D CAD, but it is no ways near as easy as what are called 3D sculpting programs (Typically used in animation in the past). There were long discussions between my twin brother, who did CAD/CAM and worked in MasterCAM (and was so good he made MasterCAM do things the company told him were impossible to do . . . until he showed them), and me doing animation in Lightwave and Blender, about the differences and the tools that were available to the modeler. (When we started discussing particle animation was where I left his realm, just like when he started talking about streamlining tool paths). Things like poesable figures in animation software where the muscles flex as you reposition a skeleton are the same, yet different from how linkages work in mechanical models. At one point I wanted to get into the 3D animation industry. Until I had a rendering bug crop up in the program I was using, and even setting up a temporary rendering farm, I was barely able to get the video rendered and dropped it off to the editor about 10 minutes before the drop dead time. I like industrial deadlines better.

This is why, for new people to the 3D world, I was thinking a list of tools they could try would be nice to put out along with a rundown of what the tools are good at doing. (Strengths and weaknesses).

I was with a group that modded a flight simulator and later worked on a WWII submarine game. In both cases we put a list of software that was available for free that other people interested in starting to model and mod could download. We also had a topics dedicated to the most popular of the programs we provided links to. Hence the idea. There is a plethora of models out there not built in 3D CAD programs, some in weird formats, that would be fun to print. But they need to be brought into a program to be tweaked in ways a slicer can't do.

3D printers have unintentionally created a bridge between the 2 world with printing mechanical models and things like figurines. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Saw a caboose on the model railroading show "What's neat this week" that was done with a resin printer. Amazing.
But for me resin printing is too expensive of a format to learn in

I think it would be fun to for example, import and clean up let's say, a velociraptor that is rigged (has bones and is poseable before exporting). This one as an example, is only available in fbx and c4d formats.

Or if you need an overweight figure

Also, many people are often sloppy and have missing polygon faces, vertices numbered backwards, or double faced polygons that need to be cleaned up first. All3DP has a tutorial on using Blender to clean an object up before importing it into meshworks discussing this as an example.

There is a HUGE world out there when it comes to 3D when you combine the different worlds. It can be intimidating for a new user if they have to dig up information on their own.


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