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I have emailed Scott asking him to offer this engine in the upcoming Alco PA's. If you wanna see this engine being offered you should email him too. Yes, they are offering the Aspen Leaf, and I love the Aspen Leaf's narrative as a CZ exclusive, but we have a ton of silver engines to pull this train and I prefer the black and yellow one as it allows me to model HW trains such as Yampa Valley and the Prospector, not to mention how those graphics compliment the beautiful PA nose. It may be decades before Alcos of this quality are offered again, if you want this engine to get made please email Scott!

Some enticing pictures below....



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Guys, we only need 7 people to make this happen.

Bob, thanks but I am not willing to convert 3 rail engines to 2 rail. Too much work, very little satisfaction. 

Ron, thanks. Undecorated shells would be welcomed. They are doing it with the e8/9's.  I could paint them myself, I have all the tools to make that happen. The detailing is also identical to the aspen leaf, so that's a plus. 

So what color is the yellow? Is it cream, as the photos above, or is it closer to Grande Gold, which seems close to schoolbus yellow?

Would it be more difficult to use a Sunset mechanism in a Lionel shell, or to repaint the Sunset shell?  Obviously, the best choice is to buy the bumblebee from Sunset, but suppose that doesn't happen?

Thanks Sam.  I prefer the Grande Gold, which, at least in Scale Coat, was identical to SP Daylight Orange.  I do like the contrast with black, but now know I cannot own a set of the bumblebee units (at least a set with prototypical colors).

The Lionel ads on the internet showed the brighter orange - but the computer doesn't really know colors.  I have to tell you, if I did plastic, I would have a fleet of Lionel PAs.  I would buy them dummy, and stick P&D mechanisms in them.

I think the Lionel legacy PA is one of the best.  I did a series of posts on bringing up to a practical scale appearance, trucks, pilot and steps, etc. A lot of work and considering I paid $750 for an ABA set and then another $100 in parts and 25 hours labor I would spring for Scott's units. However, If one already has these units check out my article, converting Lionel atsf PAs to 3 rail scale beginning 11-4-14. I think you'll enjoy it.


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If you really want Sunset to do them then be willing to guarantee 20 units will be sold and they will be done.  That is how the Amtrak E units got back into the mix.

Remember 20 units is only 7 ABA sets.  If other folks reserve/purchase enough to make the 20 your off the hook, but if only 10 units sell your on the hook for the other 10.

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