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I also am  looking forward to the shipping of these engines.  However, what you read may not always be true.  In the past Scott has created UPS billing and sent them out to be sure he had the correct addresses.  This may be true in this case.  I also received a notice of delivery on Friday but I was doubtful.  I called GGD today and my order was picked up about 2 PM PCT.  I look for my package about next Wed. or so.  Given the season for shipping.  Guys, please let me when your package arrives on the eastern seaboard.  

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We were hoping to get these out earlier, but the container took a full week to be picked up at the Oakland Port and brought to us. We got the container Tuesday Morning December 10th.  The UPS tags were created Saturday through Tuesday. We sorted and checked all orders Tuesday and Wednesday and released most all paid orders on Wednesday last week. That means most of them should arrive to the East Coast Wednesday this week.  All were set to Signature Required to avoid theft.  And each customer should get an email with the tracking info and a way to hold packages or release the signature requirement from UPS.COM . Only the customer can perform that action. We can redirect for an incorrect address but cannot remove the Signature requirements.

I've only had reports of a few models being received so far. We had one model that was marked Milwaukee on the outside box and NYC on the inside.  So please check your boxes and models inside once you receive them and let us know if there was an error (BY EMAIL)  so we can find the correct one for you. I've stressed to our factory staff again and again about mixing up labels, and they are doing their best, but it still happens once in a while. I worry anyway. We've opened a few dozen models at the warehouse and all was in order so we are hoping this was an isolated incident.

The Alco PAs are in our warehouse. When I get back from China we will process and ship these starting December 26th and get these shipped out before the New Year.

Here in China, I am inspecting the Milwaukee Olympia Hiawatha Cars. WOW!!! they are fantastic. They should arrive by late January.

The other factory is starting work on the EMD F3s. Should be another fantastic project. They told me they expect to be finished in early March for an April delivery. The D&RGW L-105 will start about the same time in production and finish in May for a June Delivery.

The GGD Gondola tooling is done and we expect these to be produced by Spring 2020. The NP North Coast Limited will go into production around the same time and be Delivered in the Summer of 2020.

Things are rolling along well here and your reservations are the oil that keeps this machine moving. So I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued Support, Patience and Understanding, and all of us at Sunset Models / 3rd Rail / GGD wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year.

We look forward to serving your hobby needs in to the future. Wow, 2020.

Scott Mann - Qingdao, China


The OBS ABA was delivered today (12/17) on the east coast.  No major problems, some bent step rails but OK for me.  I shall leave alone.  Looks like a used E7.  Had one loose cover but I'll talk to Scott after the Holidays.  Ain't cranked it up yet.  Mighty fine looking diesel rig.


These are absolutely stunning in every way.  Don't miss out on these!


3rd Rail E73rd Rail E7a



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