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I should stop complaining about product availability and selection in 2R.  This is my 2nd new 2R FXE locomotive this year, including an Atlas SD70ACE.

The LokSound system sounds great, and it creeps.

Looking forward to the Chargers.



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@rdunniii posted:

I really glad some of y'all ordered the Ferromex.  Jonathan and I guaranteed the minimum and it could have gotten expensive otherwise.  We thought there were others out there.

You risk is much appreciated, I was curious how it survived into production while a couple of US roads didn't.

Any ideas on how we can convince someone to make an FXE, NdeM, or Ferro Sur caboose?  FXE painted a caboose similar to the SD70 above. 

Decals to convert the Atlas NdeM boxcars to FXE are also on my list. 

Nice looking locomotives!

K4 Supply  has a modern version (speed script) decal set in O for the NdeM's large fleet of Extended Vision Caboose, which were  very close to the ubiquitous Atlas-Roco version. They also have a variety of pre-privatization Mexican road sets from the 70's, 80's era for 50' ribbed boxcars similar to the Weaver PS version, in NdM, FCP, CHP and UdS.  Maybe he'll make the leap to FXE and Ferro Sur offerings soon too.

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