Jeff B. Haertlein posted:

I have found the engine above for $1400. Is this an OK price,

I would think so, yes. I seem to remember that that was the original "list price", when they were delivered. They sold out pretty quickly.

and is it a good running engine?

Definitely YES! Pretty much every model from Sunset/3rd Rail runs VERY smooth and quiet.


I believe that locomotive was reviewed in OGRR Magazine, Run 269 (Feb/March of 2014).  Nice review and even nicer model.

MSRP was indeed 1400 bucks. 

The Third Rail runs are so small that it's hard to gauge what they "should" sell for on the secondary market.  I'd say the price you've been given is a little high but certainly reasonable.  Where can you find another and how long will it take to find it....if at all?

I'm torn on whether to start looking for a recent Third Rail C&O 614 and Great Northern S2 4-8-4..........

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