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I do not want the black and orange CN with GTW reporting marks. I would rather have a GTW blue and red SD40-2.

How many other people would order the Grand Trunk Western blue repaint of one these former MP SD40-2 locos? 

The CN management only purchased yellow reflective striping, so the white side-sill was covered by the yellow reflective tape.





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  • GTW 5936

It would be nice if it was just canceled and removed from the website. I have two reserved (MP and Frisco) but if canceled, I can redirect my $ (reservation/obligation) to another project to help reach a minimum. Many of us have only so much $ available. So many nice models offered but not all get to production thresholds. 

I would be willing to get a different road name if it would help push one over the limit.

I ordered the Wheeling and Lake Erie in 3-rail, but I’d also be interested in  Conrail, CSX, and BN in that order, with a strong preference for Conrail.

It really surprises me these aren’t more popular since to my knowledge an accurate -2 has never been done in O scale.

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