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@SPSF posted:

Do you want W&LE or Conrail?  Both are in that list.

I want W&LE.  However, someone mentioned that not enough reservations were received for some roads to trigger Scott to actually do the run of -2s.

I was offering to change my reservation if say W&LE already had more than enough orders, and say Conrail, CSX, and/or GN did not.  I'm not sure where that person got the info about which roads do not have enough orders, but if it was made known to everyone, maybe we could get them made by adjusting the orders with peoples 2nd or 3rd choices.

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This has been on offer for quite some time and Is obviously stalled. I’m guessing there’s a Total Number Needed but Also a total number of each road needed.
Help us Scott !!! What are the laggards that can be dropped ???? The laggards get counted to the total but if we can switch to a “passing” road then the  number can stay level. It a number juggle thing. Others can double their single res.
I’ve MP and Frisco reserved. If Frisco is a laggard, let me know and I’ll switch that reservation to a second MP.

I wouldn't be as concerned with number of reservations per road quite yet.  Reserve the road you want.  The ultimate question is the total number of units.  Scott makes a call on how low he is willing to go on a specific road name to make the total project go.

It took 5 years to get the Amfleet project to go forward, so don't give up hope.  If you are on the fence to order a unit go ahead and place your pre-order.  Once the reservations start to show a sign of life, the project can then go into formal design.  

@catnap posted:

I have 2 reserved. If the price was $900 (same as the Dash 9) I would still be in for 2. If the price increased, would that mean fewer reservations would be required? Of course, some may back out of their original reservation(s)if the price increased $150 per model. I think it’s currently at $750.

It’s currently at 730. I bet when priced, it was a bit higher than other models as it was anticipated to not draw that many reservations. A modest bump to 750 might help, prob won’t loose many subscribers, but won’t help those already watching their budgets. And Price increases don’t attract new buyers.

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