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I have a 2015 2 rail RDC car with DCC and sound and am considering updating with Blue Rail deadrail/battery.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this car?

second question: interior lights are not working.  Is this controlled by a specific CV?  If so, how would one find a list of all CVs relevant to this car?


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Bob Buck did one of these SS RDC's for me, you may want to check out his work.  He has done an amount of other locos for me also.  Neat work.  He also sells product for self install.  Great help.

Even though I can get 3 plus hours of run out of a charge I find that in reality due to having multiple R/C locos, I bet the charges are more like once a month.

Also the MTO battery charger has built in safety features which do not allow fast or over charging.  Automatic  cutoff.

Only use the MTO charger with the MTO batteries.  I have multiple chargers in case of needing simultaneous charging but that has yet to occur..

Battery R/C is the future IMO


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