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I’m a retired Boeing engineer and would be in for a two-car set (737-800 on 89’ flat and trailing idler car).     

Scott, a wonderful resource for modeling these cars are the books “Shipping Planes on Trains”, Volumes 3 and 4, by Andrew Klamka. FYI

I will also talk to Boeing HR and find out if they will allow me to take pictures of the cars/bodies on site for closer details

I doubt that, byut good luck!

If it isn't proprietary information, sometimes they will make exceptions...so yes luck ill need.

Bruk Bannister

-The Guy who made the RCMC & BEMC wiring diagrams.

Too large or not I would want 2.  Several years ago I researched getting the plastic bodies 1/48 from an English firm and using Atlas flat cars, for similar DIYS project.  I thought it was doable? If it doesn't fit the curves it can sit in the yard. Has anyone actually calculated the over hang of the thin tail. I use the Lionel BIg Boy engine, Lionel auto carrier car, Atlas 89' flat car, and Atlas CZ car to check for width clearances on my layout. Good chance I can actually run them. I think?


Well...I had to delete/edit out inappropriate for the forum comments....keep your comments to the model and questions being asked about the model please!   Leave the political and legal comments about the prototype to forums on the internet for such purpose...not this forum!

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