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Hey everyone I know it's been a while since I last posted. But I got my confirmation email that the container ship for 3rail has dock and orders are being sorted for shipping. I'm guessing these new items from 3rd rail will be shipped next week or in the coming days. So needless to say I'm really excited to have this new locomotive to add to my 3rd rail fleet. This will be my 3rd 3rd rail locomotive in my collection. So as soon as I get it I will be posting photos  soon. Unless someone else bet me to the punch!!!

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Pretty sure the IC Deathstar SD40-2 was cancelled due to lack of orders. I *think* I emailed 3R asking what happened and that was the reply, I am too lazy to dig thru my emails to confirm or deny.

If that is so, the only way I see Scott even consider offering it is if we made a list and showed him there are enough orders. Basically, do the sales work for him.

I count three.

I know I had an order in as well.  Something else to consider here that we faced this run with the WSOR locomotives is era specific asks which splintered the order.  I know my IC request was for units that represented more today with the yellow frame stripe and ditchlights.  whereas others might be wanting more of the pre-CN merger, solid white thin stripe, even the OLS lettering, ditchlights, etc.

I say let's get our act together and get photos of 4 locomotives representing the era, scheme and details that we want and get those photos into Scott and team.

Some snips from my shots while 6250 was in Decatur, IL


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Here's a couple more pics of how made some little changes to the front: painted the rails yellow on the ends,added snowplow, added a scale coupler and filled the gap with the pieces that came with the engine and painted a few stripes on it on that piece.


Those improvement really did that unit some justice. I had mines delivered to my parents while I was out of town for vacation. However I will be added the subsidiary road name under the road number to show it as it was in later years.

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