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3rd Rail made these in brass over 10 years ago along with an RPO and passenger cars.  They did not make  an observation car at that time.

Shortly after those cars,Scott produced a set of 3 Pullman cars in green,in brass also I am pretty sure.


Here are pictures of my brass 3rd Rail R50.  Well, its brass and came in a 3rd Rail box.  


3rd Rail called it an R50, not an R50b like MTH.  Do not know the difference.  Here are two pictures of my MTH R50b.  One has added on ladders and the other has molded in ladders.

DSC_0017PRR R50b





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In addition to the MTH plastic R50b, the prototype has been modelled by 4 different brass importers in O scale 2 rail.

  • Max Gray
  • Custom Brass
  • Precision Scale
  • Sunset

2 railers looking for an R50b have quite a choice (including converting the MTH).  The Max and CB  models came in unpainted.  The PSC model was offered in painted and unpainted versions, while the Sunset model was factory painted.  Lettering on R50b's could either be gold or dulux.    Prior to 1952 PRR passenger equipment lettering standard color was gold.  During that year the PRR revised the lettering standard for passenger equipment (including locomotives) to use "dulux" - a mustard colored paint.

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rex desilets posted:
GG1 4877 posted:

As has been mentioned, the photo is of the MTH R50b.  Nice cars, but certainly not the level of refinement you'd see in brass or the cost for that matter! 

A foot away, moving on your railroad, who could tell?

Three to four years ago before my vision started going all fuzzy I could!  Not anymore though.  I can barely read my phone these days. 




Norm posted:

Yes.   Scott also made some P54 cars.  They came and went really fast.  We'll probably never see the likes of those ever again.


And that's a shame as they are a unique passenger car and are perfect for layouts that have sharp curves( i.e. less than 072 diameter curves....not to mention they can be made into electric m.u. commuter cars as well as other road names.

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