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Rob Leese posted:

Thank you for the responses to my question.  The 2929 production predates my membership to the forum, as I also display my lack of ability to research an inquiry.  If these models ever come up at auction, I am missing that as well.

I've yet to see a 3rd Rail 2900 come up on any of the auction sites. The 3751 class comes up regularly. 

If you really want a 3rd Rail 2900 class I'd suggest posting in the want to buy section of the forum. 

Last time one of these came up, it went for $1000 earlier this year on eBay. 

Great suggestion to post a want to buy add, as Lou suggested Rob.


Daniel Raible posted:

An Erie K-5-A Pacific would be great for pulling around a set of Golden Gate Depot passenger cars, but any Erie K-1 through K-5 variant would be much appreciated by Erie fans. 

I think there has only been one previous Erie Pacific offering by Max Gray models, but it must be pretty rare because I have yet to actually see one.

Erie loco NJ6899382429_acf1125005_b


I could go for one of these myself.  A K5 with the larger 6 axle tender, all the better.




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