I hope that someone here can help. I have the -4-6-0 PS 2.0 Christmas train and it runs but will only run for about five minutes before briefly losing power just long enough to put it in neutral. I have check the continuity of the track and the entire layout is recieving adequate power. I bought this set used and I was wondering if the battery could be the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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An oval with two switches, it passes ov er the switches just fine. I have ran multiple  TMCC and PS 2 locomotives without a problem, it is just the Christmas locomotive that has this issue.

It could be a wire, screw or connection that is loosening up after you run it for awhile. I would check those and make sure you have a good battery/bcr in it.

It might also be something heating up after awhile and causing a shutdown, so also check for anything binding in the gears, drivetrain and motor.

Yes it stops in the same spot but it is the only locomotive that stops in the same spot. The electrical continuity is there but it just stops. I will get a new battery and double check the leads.


A picture of it stopped may help. If it is after a switch (and using MTH or Gargraves or Ross etc. track where the two outer rails are not connected it may be losing common for an instant breaking the circuit. Might be on the verge and then it happens.

It is not stopping for no reason. There is a reason, but it is yet to be discovered.

What is the brand name and catalog number of the loco? OK, you said it was PS2, so we know it is an MTH loco at least. Since it is a Christmas loco, we can assume that it is Railking. It is still important for us to know the exact model and catalog number.

How far apart are the pickups on the loco? Does the spot where it is stopping have gaps at that same distance, such that both pickups are in a gap at the same time?

Is one of the pickups non-functioning? You can test for continuity between one pick up and the other with an ohmmeter.

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When it stops do the lights, smoke and sounds continue, just motion stops?  Are you running conventional?  Most likely it is a bad pickup, or dirty wheels and you are temporarily loosing AC power.  What track MTH?  Make sure both outer loops are tied together as a common ground.  G

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