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Hi Nick, as you will see from the following listing the 607 passenger cars and 608 observation cars were used on many sets and many were made in various colors. You describe the ones you saw as having dark green roofs and light green bodies. Chances are these are Stephen Girard green colors and makes them more valuable than the other run-of-the-mill color combinations they used. If these cars are at one of our local train meats, in reasonable shape, the solid reds, solid dark greens would probably sell after a little negotiating for about $25-$30 each. If, in fact, they are the Stephen Girard  dark green roof and a light green bodies they would probably be in the $45-$55 range. Unfortunately, most antique stores are not familiar with the going prices for Lionel prewar tin plate cars and ask ridiculous prices right off the map. Here’s a breakdown on the sets I quickly found and I’m sure I missed some.

Set #              Dates           Loco #
244E.               ‘33.             259E                    

236.             ‘30/31/32.       262/258

174.                 ‘29/31.         252/253

232E.               ‘31/32.          259

244E.                  ‘33.              259E

Hope this helps. Have a wonderful and prosperous new year, Jim .


These cars only came in outfits with two 607 Pullmans and a 608 observation so you get a bonus car. The apple green cars with dark green roofs were only produced from 1931 to 1941. The 1931 to 1934 cars had copper journals and brass observation railing and the 1935 and later cars had nickel journals and observation railing. Around 1935 the air tanks were replaced by apple green painted fish bellies. To clarify what Jim posted they came in the following cataloged outfits.

236 with 262 black engine with copper trim and 262T tender - 1931-32

296 with 253 apple green engine 1931-32

296E with 296E apple green engine 1933-36

244E with 259E black engine with brass and copper trim and 259T tender 1933

294E/294W 249E gunmetal engine with nickel trim and 265T/265W tender (cars have fish bellies) 1936

232E/232W 259E gunmetal engine with nickel trim and 1689T/1689W tender 1937

in addition to these cataloged outfits there were at least 7 uncataloged outfits these cars came in.


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