#4141 and Associated Rail Cars Coming From Lionel

In my weekly e-mail from The Train Station , the following was noted:

Dear Valuable CUSTOMERS:

There has been a great deal of speculation and talk about Lionel making a George Bush 4141 train. LIONEL has made some soft announcements recently but wanted to put out a formal announcement to everyone on what our plans are.

We will re-release 4141 both separate sale and as part of a full set. Powered and non-powered versions are also planned for those who may just want to have this as a show piece. As a special train, this set will include figures in the interior of all cars and special sound recordings for the diner and locomotive.

The set will include four cars, three of which will require new or modified tooling:


  • City of Portland (new dining interiors for the dome)
  • Council Bluffs (open doors and interior of course!)
  • Overland (StationSounds diner)
  • Kenefick (all new business car tooling.)


    Also available will be additional SD70AH's:

  • #9096
  • #9069 (led the advance train)
  • #9088 (paired with 1943 on some trips last year)


    There will be additional separate sale cars to complement this or the other UP cars released previously to expand your trains.

    LIONEL currently does not have any specific item numbers, pricing or availability at this point – however, we do plan to offer these items in the 2019 Lionel Fall C2 Catalog so stay tuned.

    Thank you for your support of Lionel Trains!





Original Post

I know MTH Electric Trains has also announced a 4141, but no more details - yet.

Follow-up: It has been mentioned this is incorrect and it definitely is incorrect. Apparently I paid no attention to the MTH announcement since I already have the Lionel #4141 locomotive.


paulp575 posted:

I know MTH Electric Trains has also announced a 4141, but no more details - yet.

What more details do you need from MTH? They have announced them in like 5 scales with pricing and a features list. Lionel seems to be waiting for something special to happen before they decide to formalize it.

 it was both a dealer newsletter and it was a general announcement. The general announcement came thru the next day on Dec 12th 2018. if youre on the MTH mailing list you would have gotten it plus it was all over their web page and all over this forum

Matt Makens - I have egg all over my face! After reading the announcement you posted above, I just realized I did receive some notification as I have the baggage car (30-68127) on my "watch list" to purchase. Either my memory is failing me (very likely) or I need new glasses (probably both situations)!


paulp575 posted:

Does anyone have an accurate list of the actual cars in the funeral train?

Here is a nice link from Union Pacific with details on each cars. Bush Funeral Train Consist

BTW if folks would have listened to the Lionel Catalog show they would have heard this information directly from Ryan at Lionel back on January 23rd. We talked about this exact set for a little bit. We're proud to partner with Lionel for many "soft announcements" such as this over the last few years. 




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