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I want to run the 497 coaling station independently of track power.  I know the wiring diagram for fixed voltage operation as outlined in the manual.  My track power will be an MTH Z-1000.  I don't want the Z-1000 track power to have anything to do with the operation of the coaling station.  I will be using Williams dump cars which will dump using track power, but I want the coaling station to be powered by a separate AC power source, like an old KW.  

My question is this, since the track touches the coaling station base, is there any problem with stray voltage affecting the Z-1000 ?

I think I may have answered my own question.  Why can't I simply insulate the track from the coaling

station ?   

So how would I power the station ?  The single conductor coming out of the 497 controller goes to a lettered terminal on a transformer.  Do I run a wire from the frame of the station to the "U" terminal ?

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If you want to isolate the coaling station from the base, the dump solenoid and the left-hand brush holder must be disconnected from the motor.  This is where both are grounded to the frame.  By removing these two wires, and connecting a lead to them, you can power the loader with the single lead from the controller and the new ground lead from the loader.  Not sure how the Williams dump car works, but reply if you need to use the power blade on the loader and I can explain how to wire it.

Jon, when you say "dump solenoid" are you referring to the solenoid that operates the two small chutes that dump coal into a waiting hopper ?   I noticed, while testing the piece, that these chutes are not opening all the way.  I tried more voltage but they don't open enough.

On the issue of the left hand brush holder.  Are you speaking of the carbon brush holder on the motor itself ? 

I might need a wiring diagram or photo to grasp what you are trying to say.

As for the Williams dump cars, they do operate on track power, but they don't need a UCS activation track to operate.  They can be triggered anywhere on the layout.  

Yes, the left brush holder.  The small chutes dump the coal from the hopper into the awaiting car, but the chutes do not open very far resulting in most of the coal going on the layout.  You can manually depress the solenoid to open the chutes and that will allow you to see how far they will open.  The wires pictured attach to a ground lug on the back of the field on the motor which effectively grounds the motor and solenoid to the frame.  Removing these two wires and connecting them to a separate lead will isolate them from the frame.



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