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@High Railer posted:

I am a novice to 0. What would you recommend. Lionel FasTrack seems like the way to go . But you can't create a nice ballast effect. Need layout s for the 4X16 or 5x 16 if more layouts available.

Fastrack is a great way to go.  Easy to use and functional.

As for "ballast" ... take a look around this Forum and others to see what some guys have done to make the plastic FAstrack edges look extremely realistic.

Good luck.

I have to agree with Mike, if you can make it 5 feet wide, 054 curves will let you run a few more engines and longer cars.  Even trains with shorter cars and engines look better.  My layout I am building is around the walls in an 11x11 room, so it is a different animal.  However, I am very happy with my decision to find a way to put in 054 curves on my twice around plan.

Mike, the photographs look great (as I expected)

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