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I have an area that will allow for a 4x6 platform that is on casters to wheel in & out. I was going to use Fast-Track however I decided against it as I will get more rail using 0-27. My theme is Halloween. So a tunnel and mountain are important as well as elevated line. I have 2 Transylvania Girders & a covered bridge I'd like to incorporate. This is my first permanent layout since I was a kid. I started collecting the Lionel Halloween line back in 2010 when the "Train Bug" bit me again. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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My Marx layout has a track plan that is 27" x 54" Here's a shot of what the plan looks like:



In the upper left corner of the picture I used a Marx tin tunnel, and there's a Marx bridge that is likely close to the same size as Lionel's is in the front. There's a bit of room for a few small buildings and signals too:



Perhaps you could make the elevated line go along the backside and turn on one end toward the front (or maybe even both sides and make a U).


Hopefully this gives you an idea or two,


J White


Oops, I just looked at my post above and somehow put in the wrong picture showing the track plan. Here's the correct one (I hope )



As you can see, there's 4 o27 switches in a row, making for some bouncing trains when they work there way through there. If you have room to put a straight section or even a half straight in there, I think that would help immensely.


J White


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Here's what I had for a Christmas 4x6.  I had a platform 4" under the main surface that held the tree stand - so only the trunk came through the board, and it cleared the trains underneath.  Used 42" curve on one end and mixture on the other, with Marx O-27 manual turnouts for the siding.  My nephew's 4yr old son LOVED it.  I had multiple buttons to push and lights and sounds.2015 4x6 final32015 4x6 step4

Under the "snow" is a 1/4" black foam pad that I got cheap at Habitat Restore.  Same rubber you see used for the roads.

Sky blue poster boards for a light and simple backdrop.

Wintery wrapping paper cut into stream shape, and slot car railing used for bridge over the 'frozen river'.

Oh - and black painted 1/2 popsicle sticks for RR ties.  Just sitting under the track.


Images (2)
  • 2015 4x6 final3
  • 2015 4x6 step4
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My layout is 4X8 and it's tough to get the grade to an upper level to fit. Mine are way too steep and I usually have to help a train up hill unless it's short. I actually took one out and converted the space to a couple of sidings. Lot's of interesting small layout plans as others have noted.
Here's a neat plan that I found when I was planning my layout.


Here is my 74" x 38" O-27 layout:74x38 Layout [11-2017 Final)

t required several custom-cut sections. Unlike in the track plan pictured, there is play of room for the longer spur. What I like about it is that you have reversing loops for both directions and the variety of running on both an inner and an outer loop. But you would be able to add a 10" straight on the right and left side, to increase to a 74" x 48" layout.


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  • 74x38 Layout (11-2017 Final)

Matt_GNo27 doesn't the passing siding add a whole world to the layout?  That's what I find - being able to park one train, and run a second one - that is so huge.  Thanks for sharing!

RSJB18 I have to admit that is a really cool track plan that you attached.  With focused attention or with lots of electronics you could run multiple trains simultaneously!

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Looking for some track plans for an O gauge layout for either a 4X6 or 4X8 plywood sheet. This is my first layout and I'm very limited on space. So I've got to go with a basic small layout. I thank you all in advance and hope to hear back from you soon.

The link below should take you to layout plans for 4' by 7' and 4' by 8' at the Thor site mentioned above. Take a look.

Jim K

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