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I saw this on the York User Group topic:

3. Q – Will 0 volt startup be available on variable channels?
A – This is on the horizon. 5 volts used to be the minimal startup voltage on older conventional locos so this is why 5 volt startup was implemented. They are working on this and might be in a future software release.

Barry's book says that 5 volts is the default setting, default usually indicates that the "default" can be changed by the operator.

So, is 5 volts still the initial voltage for the 1st click of the thumbwheel?

I have a Weaver/Samhongsa(?) 4-6-0 drive assembly with a QSI reverse unit and at 5 volts it starts to move, it's not jerky just a steady pace (probably 3-4 smph). I would like to be able to slow it down to 1-2 smph, but feel that would require a lower "default" voltage.
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It's the 21VAC unit.

Stan, that's a thought, thanks.

This engine starts maybe even 4-5 smph. I've had it up to 7.5 volts on the handheld and it's moving pretty quickly, but not flying off the track. Maybe with some weight in the tender, more brass details on the engine, and some cars behind it it'll slow down to an acceptable speed. When I ran it I didn't even have the front truck mounted to it. It's got some huge wheels, 72-75 inches (I need to measure them) and would look good pulling some passenger cars.

I can't do much more to the engine until I get some parts from P&D and PSC, so for now it's back on the back burner.
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