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I am beginning work on my first layout, unfortunately I don't have the most space, but I would like to maximize what I have which is a 5x8 table. I have two ideas in mind, Ideally id like to have a tunnel, some industry, and a small town on the layout. It has to be able to accommodate some larger curves for premier steamers and 0-36 is just to tight for that.

I would love to find a way to make the setup more interactive and have the ability to run two trains at the same time. At the moment the minimum curve needed to run the passenger train would be O-48 but I don't want to lose too much real estate for the city/industries.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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My 10'-by-5' single track layout is just a loop of O-54 with interesting scenery. You could add an inner loop of O-45 and elevate it by 6 inches to run two trains at the same time. You could extend the higher terrain of the inner loop over the outer loop to get a tunnel through part of the outer loop. Leave a flat area inside one end of the inner loop to make a town (a number of structures and maybe one or two streets), some factories at the other end of the town or somewhere along the inner loop. Add a hill above part of the inner loop and perhaps a tunnel over part of that loop too. You would give up switching and yards but have two trains running and interesting scenery. My layout appeared in OGR Run 304... Just my suggestion.


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