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6-1847 Post war celebration recreation of M&StL #56.
I am trying to remove the set screw on the armature to oil it. It appears to require a hex head wrench aka Allen wrench, but what small size? I have tried many but have found none to fit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks, Larry

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Most of my hex wrenches are not labeled. Those that are labeled are metric.

I am hoping somebody who as actually removed the armature set screw on any of these Plymouth switchers will be able to tell me how they did it. The manual just says remove it.  I do not mind buying tools if I know the correct tool to buy. Since this specific screw is no longer available from Lionel, I want to avoid the locking pliers approach if possible.

Check, that is an excellent idea. I will do this when I can.

I would still like feedback from somebody who has actually done this. My supposed 1.5 and 2 mm hex wrenches did not seam to fit. My eyes are feeling old. I do not see this clearly even with "cheaters". I THINK it is hex, but it could be square or some other specialized shape.  The more I know, the better.  I do not want to ruin a part Lionel no longer sells.

@Larry.PRR posted:

I would still like feedback from somebody who has actually done this

I don't ever remove the set screws, especially if the armature is currently in good adjustment. It's much easier to lift the brush plate off of the armature(be gentle with the field wire), and because this is a somewhat "sealed" cavity, place a tiny dab of Lucas Red 'N' Tacky #2 on the armature end, for basically lifetime lubrication, and put it back together. It takes about 2 minutes max.

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