6-24529 scale santa fe-s

I'm looking for the following information on the first scale Santa Fe's that were produced circa 2002.

Product number (6-24529)

1) Is there a parts breakdown for this smoke unit 630-8031-200

     Lionel only list the whole fan.....Are Parts available separately?

2) Bright can lighting - anybody have a remedy.

3) I heard there is a issue with number board melting? Any remedy?

NOW FOR THE BIGGEST - The old odyssey lurch and no shutoff. Was this issue ever rectified by lionel.

I can also correct it with a electric railroad board. Which one should I use.









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Yep! Dealt with Ken before. Great guy! Although, it is my understanding that a new DC motor driver board will correct the odyssey 1 lurch issue. I've opted to use the ERR cruise M for odyssey board.

Now, I need to fiqure out the lighting....


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