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I have a B6sb switcher that suddenly doesn't want to move. I have sounds from the tender, but no lights, won't accept commands or reset. I checked to see if there is a ground issue, possibly. All my other locomotives work great. I did run it conventionally on a separate loop of track, which is did respond, but the sounds were at idle regardless of speed. Attached the Cab-2 to the loop, the engine just sat there with sounds at idle. Any suggestions?

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I had an engine act pretty much in the same way. I found broken off pins in the receiver board. I did remove the shell for painting. I might of disturbed pulling off the antenna plug. Was tested and ran before and was dead in the water after putting the shell back on. The board even though it’s a seperate piece. Is sold only with the RCMC. If you can solder it’s an inexpensive repair. Not saying it’s the problem. But if you decide to pull the shell. I’d give it a look. I’ve heard of a few with the same issue. Pretty sure your B6 is from the same era.



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