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Hey guys. 

A few years back I bought a set of the 6440 coaches and 6441 observation. Green tinplate. They were kind of rough. But I run them anyway does anybody know the shade of green that Lionel used for the car body not the roof. Also is there any place out there that sells the stamps for the side of the cars? Or anyone the will apply the lettering to the car? Thanks in advance. 

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The original color was #381 State Green.  There are several sellers but you are going to need a spray gun.  Alternatively, take a piece with you to a big box store or even Wally World and see if there is a close color match in a spray can.  It will be less expensive and ready to spray.  Be careful when removing the window/door inserts - the tabs are very fragile, bend them gently.

The car numbers as well as Pullman and Observation were pad printed on the original.  There is/was a guy who made stamps you could use to replace the printing.  It is somewhat expensive and tricky to get the long words straight and evenly printed.  When I restored my 2630/2631 I created decals on an inkjet printer, fast, easy and cheap.


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