7 x 14 FasTrack layout

Hi. I am new to the site but have been following many of the discussions in an attempt to learn about the basics and get back into model railroading. I enjoyed the hobby when I was a child. I believe in the carpenter’s rule – measure 2x, cut 1x, so I have spent some time planning a layout using some of the ideas from the site.  See attached. I know that this is a project, not something that can be completed in a couple of hours. This is going to more of a fun layout rather than a patterned after anything specific.  The plan includes the option of do a complete round about through the crossing or separate loops. The outer loop will be elevated in the back with a bridge and the center oval will on trestles all around. I plan to construct a tunnel for the 2 outer tracks on the left with a village on top of the same. I am no expert in wiring or modeling. Plan is to use Lionel and command control throughout.  Before I start ordering track and accessories I thought it best to ask the experts (see carpenter’s rule). Any suggestions would be welcomed.



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Start small first...get some trains up and running and have some fun....then start digging...follow some of the posts here on the forum....check you youtube videos...pick up some books on model railroad building...you will find out some much info it can be overwhelming...keep it simple and grow as your interests grow....you'll be amazed at how much this hobby has to offer...

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