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Hello everyone

I am new to the hobby and wondering the value of my 1937 700e. It has correct serial numbers, all original parts, original paint and matching tender. It does have slight casting warping common for the year, is missing the jewels and suffered a broken roof (triangle break) that has been repaired. Otherwise like I said all original and fully functioning. I have included a few photos. I purchased this item for 3800. Any feedback is appreciated. Not looking to sell it, it's an important piece to me, just wondering what you guys think its value is given its condition. Thank you!


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Jfabs, You have asked the Question and do not get discouraged with my thoughts. I agree that the 1937 “700 J1e Lionel NYC Hudson “ is one of the most desirable steam locomotives to ever own. A dream come true.  I have 2 friends that have these prestigious locomotives and they reside on shelves. Neither one is what I call like new, but, they are not warped, broken, or cracked, and do operate ok. Although I think this engine would be fun to own, in the condition your engine is in, I would have it totally restored. There are folks on this forum that can take this locomotive and make it like new, run like new, and be a focal piece on your layout.

Since 1937, Lionel has offered many renditions of their famous J1e Hudson, the 1950 being a great model, and many more through the 1980’s, fast forward to 1993 a great looking model exemplifying perfection without command control, then fast forwarding to 2010 the feature rich VisionLine Hudson. I believe that bringing your model up to date, would enhance your value and that’s exactly what I would do. I would contact Harmonyards. He’s a perfectionist.

Congratulations on your acquisition, I am not an authority on the value of your 1937 Hudson, I have seen like new ones bring big money, over $10K, so, this is why I suggest having this antique, highly desirable collectible, totally restored to its original condition.

Thank you for posting the pictures.

Leapin Larry

The 1937 700E is a tough year to own. I would suggest you watch the two Don Hagar movies on the 700e. Last I knew they are available on Amazon. Don is no longer with us, but he had years of experience repairing 700e locos and took the time to record a lot of his knowledge. Lionel was not happy with the way the 1937 loco came out and changed both the molds and the caster for the 1938 version. Be very careful with the loco and take no action with it until you watch Don’s movies.

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