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I made one for myself and did a second one at the same time (backup plan, but they both came out nice!) and sold it here on the forum. So I made another one, and it's available for sale!

Just this one, $119, plus shipping.


I couldn't find any closeups of the detail, but here's an idea of the file line diamond bit engraving on a Millennium Falcon I did...


The clear acrylic is illuminated by a strip of warm white LEDS concealed in a base mount. These LEDS are controlled by a remote control to select brightness, and offers a few animated lighting modes. It has a long power cord, along with a DC power adapter.

It's 22" high and 16" wide.  it is not a rivet-by-rivet replica, but a detailed design that captures the essence of a steam locomotive.

This single unit is available... great addition to your train room wall !

For further info, questions, email me:


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