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Mine is a relatively temporary 9' x 12' with Fastrack using modular benchwork (Woodland Scenics) and is in a U shape, so no cutouts were needed. I've tweaked the track plan (yay Fastrack) a couple times now, but this is the current plan. Just finished wiring up and am really happy with it so far!


The back (top in the image) of the layout is against the wall, but the front and both sides are accessible (as long as the garage door is open), so reach isn't an issue. Can't reach every area from the well in the middle, but I'm OK with that. Orange track pieces are just markers for where I have power drops connected.

The outer loop has an O60 minimum, inner has an O48 minimum but also contains some 060 and 072 curves and switches. Happy to share a parts list or any additional info if you're interested!


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