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I bought a decent #252 and freight cars 15 months ago.  It had the expected zinc rot.  In December I ordered the needed parts to refresh the mechanical and electrical systems.  I assembled the new wheels, installed new axle bushings, and all metal intermediate gears.  Next up, I will replace some of the old wiring.  The cosmetics will receive a cleaning only.  Here's what I did today.20210108_192626metal gearsaxel bushings20210110_12001920210110_121940

Time to refresh the motor.



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  • 20210108_192626: old and new intermediate gears
  • metal gears: modern part fits perfect
  • axel bushings: axel bushing
  • 20210110_120019: drive gear pressed on wheels
  • 20210110_121940: axels pressed in
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BILLYo414,  I got everything from Hennings Trains.  In stock no less.  The intermediate gears are modern copies that are all metal as opposed to fiber.

Mark,  My wife gave me a1928 Lionel freight set last year.  It is an unspoken directive from the CFO that it will run like new.  I ran it some until the wheels fractured.  I would like to run the set on my third level with postwar action on levels one and two.


Yesterday, I cleaned everything and installed the new wheels.  I took the engine back to my train building for testing/break in.  At first it was stiff but it ran.  The longer I ran, the smoother it got.  It runs in reverse too.  Here is a video of the break in run.

I must find the new couplers and install them on the frame next.



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196FB76A-AF7C-48D4-92DE-D77A26EEF2A8A2CF67BC-BC89-4B59-812B-1FDC8430EC87Are these the wheels?

Henning's Trains - SLS-35 Electric Disc Wheels, Set of 4

A new set of four (4) disc wheels used on Lionel O gauge electric locos, #156, 250 series.

$40.00 Excl. tax
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A new set of four (4) disc wheels used on Lionel O gauge electric locos, #156, 250 series. Includes 2 drive wheels with gear lug and 2 without.

I have a252 that needs new ones.


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  • 196FB76A-AF7C-48D4-92DE-D77A26EEF2A8
  • A2CF67BC-BC89-4B59-812B-1FDC8430EC87
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