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Hello. I've installed and it is working, a #97 Coal Elevator that I believe my Dad purchased in 1947. It works fine, makes a helluva lot of noise, but loads and dumps the coal just fine. I'd like to use my ASC2/ or BPC2 to activate the load and dump functions.  Is it possible using LCS, and if so, what would be the wiring scheme? Thanks.

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Ted, here it is. Noisy as all get out. I may try to quiet it a bit and maybe speed the buckets  by pulling the motor and cleaning it, but, I hold little hope. I'll be satisfied if nothing changes just to have it running on my layout.  Did you notice when the coal is dumped out of the Elevator it goes into the car, and then bounces out all over!!!  It's a stitch, and a PITA.

Adriatic, thanks for the info.  Once again, it proves, read the manual. I also found a wiring diagram that helped me visualize and understand how it works.



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2020-07-07  Lionel #97  Coal Elevator
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For a fast clean up, take a nylon stocking and slip it over a vacuum hose. Let part get sucked inside (hold tight).  Now vacuum and then point it up while you shut the vacuum off.  Pull off the nylon and empty it.

Any other loose items.... little people, barrels, nuts/bolts etc. will be there too.... if you hold on.   Rubber bands only help some, hold on.

I forget who posted that, but I use it a lot.

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