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At first glance, it appears that Ross Custom Switches (a personal favorite) has relocated from the position it had for many years. Be sure to check the Orange Hall chart if you are a regular patron of Steve's operation, as I am.


It's in the same place, right behind the ECE booth where I assist Rich and Stan.


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Nice to see that Nicholas Smith is attending the Meet. They have not been there for a while and the last I heard, they had not planned on returning.

I had heard that they weren't returning from several sources, but none of those sources were actually affiliated with NS, and I don't know where their information actually came from.  Last Spring or the previous October, we went to NS after the bandit meets, and I was talking with one of the older store employees, and when I told him that we were in the general area for York, he told me that the reason they haven't been there for the past several years was that they didn't have enough employees to man the booth at York AND keep the store open at the same time, and that, between the two, keeping the store open took priority.  I plan on stopping by their booth in hope of finding something to buy and let them know I am glad to see them back.


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Heading out Tuesday as well. Normally I wouldn't want to wake up and drive to the airport hours before dawn, but this is different! 😀

I agree completely!  We'll be arriving at Philly International Tuesday afternoon and heading straight to the Flyers game that evening.  Probably pulling into York around midnight.

Final load of laundry and final packing today!

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All packed and ready to go!!

Soon be heading down to a hotel near the airport.  I don't want to chance getting caught in traffic at morning rush hour with the 45 minute drive for our 6am flight tomorrow morning! Also, massive construction to the terminals at San Diego's airport will surely gum up travel and parking.  It was so much easier when I lived a little over an hour drive from York.

I'm excited to see friends and all the trains and eat comfort food all week!!

My wife and I are fortunate enough to live an hour and a half away. We did the hotel stay once, but made reservations late and got a crappy hotel for twice the price. We decided to just drive each day.  

That said:  Went to the Bandit meets today (Tuesday).  The turnout at Four Points was light. There were fewer table holders than last fall and I didn’t find much to draw my interest. The Wyndham parking lot had some well stocked vendors. The ballroom at the Wyndham was full. I think I saw three unoccupied tables the whole time. (We spent three hours at the Wyndham). Both meets have a good share of pre-war.  We did purchase some pre-war. That’s for another thread….

Did not go in the fairgrounds, since is was extremely light last fall.  We did drive by the fairgrounds and saw maybe 20 cars in front of the purple hall.  

After the cross country flight, the Flyers game and a two hour drive from the South Philly sports complex to York yesterday we were fighting a little jet lag and didn’t make it to Strasburg like we hoped. So we relaxed and had a late lunch at Cheddars right next to the hotel.

Then we took a ride to Columbia, Pa. to view the Lower Susquehanna Valley Railroad Club layout. Very nice group of people and a great layout. They also had food and drinks available for Visitors.








After seeing the trains, I couldn’t wait!!





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