9th Ave El - Polo Grounds shuttle

A new video was just posted on YouTube about this line.

It is worth looking also at the other videos posted by this same source - some great New York Central and other eastern steam, etc. They are by the University of South Carolina which recently came into the possession of old newsreel outtakes.


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Amazing Jim. Thanks for posting - I'll have to check out their other videos.

As a life-long long suffering Met fan, I actually went to some of their early games played in the Polo Grounds.


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  Great stuff ! Never knew New York had double decker buses back then.

The Fifth Avenue Coach Company was well known for its double decker buses. Built by Yellow Coach, here is one such vehicle in front of the main branch of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street. They were nicknamed "Queen Mary" buses in deference to the famous Cunard liner of the same name.



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I just read something I didn't know, the bridge that the shuttle used was originally built for the NYC Putnam line, but was not needed once they built the sedgewick ave station and around 1918 it was taken by the shuttle. Apparently the tunnel still exists under 162nd st, though it is bricked over and the remains of a couple of the stations are still there. 


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Lots of good memories of the Polo Grounds. I got to see one of Duke Snider's last homers in New York as a Met, as well as Sandy Koufax pitching in his prime at the PG.

Actually, the last year or two of the Giants at the Polo Grounds were kind of sad with total attendance under 5000 at most games. But, it was great for snagging baseballs in the almost empty stands. 


Don't forget there were black & white pictures of Yankee Stadium in those 1929 films. I used to ride the double deck 5th ave buses in the 40's, but they didn't look like that one in the picture. I'm probably the only one on the forum that rode the double deck 5th ave buses. I'm I wrong?

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Hello Eddie G


I also rode the old D/D buses on Fifth Avenue -- the Queen Mary class.

You may have ridden one of the few remaining OPEN TOP 1930's era Double Decker Buses on 5th Ave.  I rode the Queens Mary's in the early 1950's to the end of their operation by some time in 1953.  I DID later ride the one  SAVED Queen Mary on a few special private trips... when it was under some form of private ownership.  After an accidental "run away" (or "roll away") accident in what, the 1980's, near W. 43rd Street,  it's front end door-side was damaged and it later eventually became part of the NYCTA (MTA)  antique historic bus fleet.  Its damage was perfectly repaired to original condition and  it has been run on special events.  I took photos of it inside in the 1980's before the accident -- you had to walk stooped over on the upper deck which was only about 5 & 3/4 feet high from floor to ceiling.  I was 6'3" then (and am still now)

I well remember that the rear seats at the back end on the lower deck of the bus were much higher than the others, and the floor was higher also along those seats across the rear window -- because the motor was back there.  On a few trips in 1952-53 I recall a distinct faint odor of DIESEL Fuel and fumes in the rear area of buses in operation. Seems I never forgot that !   If I recall, they were STICK SHIFT buses and slow and lumbering.  The stairway was immediately behind the driver.

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