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.Shay B and W

Thread please!

Pretty please!

(& link or a heads up?)

I was about to say I wasn't going to like anymore, cause they ARE ALL so awesome, but you had to go and post this, lol.

Keep um comming everyone!

Adriatic, here is the original post on the Std Gauge Shay and log cars.



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Thanks to your help, Cary Tearose, I am able to post a black and white photo to the Black and White Wednesday thread.  This is a shot of my 1930's era IMG_0441 [2)Super Streets trolley layout.  As you can see, it's incomplete (gotta lot of paving to do), and wire to string. I use both 3-rail tinplate trolleys and (when the wire is up) 12-volt scale models.  The smaller flanges on the scale stuff work well on the Super Streets track.  Structures are a mix of  kits and scratch-built, including some I built from Frank Ellison's plans in the old Model Builder magazine.  It's small, but I have fun with it.



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Steve "Papa" Eastman posted:

You actually had time to play in the back yard??

First time to fire it up this year... and it's in September.  I'm beginning to think that if I am too busy to run the steamer, then I am probably just too busy... 

 - James


"Clockwork guys really know how to unwind!"

I feel your pain......I haven't been in the basement much this summer. almost...almost that is makes me want colder weather so I have to stay indoors.


Meanwhile back at the ranch.......The Broadway heads to Chicago.....







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