My dad's first train set...the "original" # 2129WS Berkshire Freight set from 1947.  Pictured here in 2015...

#5 BW

The Conventional Classic "remake" of set #2129WS from 2012.  Pictured here in 2016...



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Hay Briansilvermustang, 

The loco with the # 40 in the front, is that a New Hope & Ivyland shot of their consolidation, sure looks like it? I have that particular pic on my phone "desktop". I was a fireman up to the age of 59 and couldn't handle it anymore. I think my age had something to do with it. (65) now! Great loco!

Some 35 year old pictures of my GN layout in the 'early' stages of building the layout.  I'm guessing black and white film was cheaper to buy than color film, 'back then'.  Raising a family of 5 on one income, one didn't spend a lot of money on 'frills'! 

Used to paint brass engines to get money to build the layout.

Building 1500' of track, to save money, I used individual wooden ties and spiked all rail and made my own turnouts.

Back then, I think turnouts cost around 8-9 bucks versus about 75 cents to make my own.




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