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I'm a wee bit late but couldn't resist after seeing Bob Hales's pic.


IIRC the name of that formation is Castle Rock. One time a local guy took us in his car up to the base of the vertical cliff and we got to look down on Green River.

I remember seeing Big Blows and Veranda Turbines but IIRC not first generation GTELs. Huh.


Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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briansilvermustang posted:






Hey Brian, that looks like the Speers, Pa. (Belle Vernon) railroad bridge, if it is, you can still see Norfolk & Western on the main span, facing I-70.


And as the sunset faded, I spoke to the faintest first starlight.
And I said next time, Next time, We'll get it right!

From my Facebook feed today... the caption reads: “Original City Hall subway station, IRT Lexington Avenue Line, in 1904“. On one or two occasions, I was lucky enough to ride through this station on a special #6 train. It is an amazing sight.



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