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6FD6F5F9-4E4A-436C-83D0-2C3AFA7386BFThe purpose of this post is to accumulate support for the second run of SD7 / 9’s by Sunset 3rd Rail be offered in the CB&Q, C&S, FW&D red / gray paint scheme, as the first completed offering was delivered in black / gray.

My research was done using an extensive article by David Lotz and Hol Wagner (two highly distinguished names in CB&Q historic preservation) covering the Q SD fleet in BURLINGTON BULLETIN #48, and all quotes from the booklet are noted here in quotes.

The brief summation to this request is found in the sixth paragraph of the article: “Repainting of SD’s from the classic “blackbird” scheme into the new image Chinese red paint scheme began with a vengeance in late 1960…”.   Further reading will indicate how the repaint efforts continued up until the BN merger. Later, on page 54 a photo caption states: “The impression given thus far is that all the SD7s and 9s had been repainted Chinese red by the time of the BN merger, which is far from the case; at least a quarter of them were still in the old “Blackbird” scheme…”. This implies how three quarters of the units were in Chinese red.

The entire #48 issue is 104 pages of excellent information regarding these units, and should answer any question regarding other road specific details (of which there are many).

In my opinion the models in the first offering are wonderful. The only change I would ask in the second offering would be to provide the predominant (and less complex) paint scheme.

As always recommended, individuals supporting this idea should email Scott Mann directly stating their desires and suggestions.

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  • 6FD6F5F9-4E4A-436C-83D0-2C3AFA7386BF
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