A Conventional Christmas!

Pondering what train to put under the Christmas Tree Layout (one track, no switches actually) Kyrian says "How about some of those shelf queen conventional engines?"


The Lionel GN F unit from decades ago, paired with a pipe load car and a tree car with chained down load, tailed by the MTH GN caboose makes up the best little train we've had in a couple of years!

What are you running under your tree this year?

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Well since I don’t have room to have a full time layout, I only have cheap Christmas trains, but everybody loves them and we have neighbors and friends over all the time to see them.


I have the Polar Express, winter wonderland, and the Hogwarts, but I’m going to retire the Hogwarts this year because I just bought the Lionel 0-4-0 Angela Trotta Thomas loco and the “North Pole Central Passenger Expansion Pack” to run with it. The Passenger cars aren’t here yet so it will be after Christmas when I put them on the tracks. I also bought a Trolley, but I’ll have to wait till next year to put in the track for that.



Thanks, JohnnyB

 Loop of 036 FastTrack and the new 2363 F3 A-B IC set....just arrived and lookin' good.  Also available for tree train use is the 2339 Wabash GP7 and a gray top DL&W FM Trainmonster 2321...plus a variety of PW freight cars.  A good time for sure!

I have the promotional set made for the Ford Motor company employees in the early 1990s running around the tree .


last month I had the opportunity to rejuvenate a gentleman's set from 1948. It included a 2026 with whistling tender, a Sunoco 2 dome tanker, a NYC 6454 box car and an SP non lighted caboose and a 75 watt Lionel transformer. It was fun to get that train to go again after years of sitting in a box in the attic. When the Gentleman saw the train running again in all its glory, He paid the nicest compliment when he said to me " you make me feel like a boy again!"


I wanted you to know that tonight, this train was running around a tree in their grandchildren's home to the delight of their grandaughters and the proud and happy Grandpa.


Merry Christmas too all children, young and old.

LIRR Steamer

Nice David, nothing like the Std gauge blue comet!  For us we are running dad's 1423w set from 1948, 1655 with whistle tender, prr gon, sunoco tank and sp type caboose and still using the original 1041 transformer.  Merry Christmas!  Mike and Michele T

Silly NT's...I have Asperger's Syndrome! 

Originally Posted by Lee Willis:

Ironicly, up on the third floor we have Grandpa's layout with its all-conventional set up on six track loops.  Meanwhile, around the tree the only modern/remote set up in the house: remote Thomas.

Wow, Lee! Would love to see a pic of those older trains!

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