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@Martin H posted:

Those look really nice.  the MTH ES44AC is a real winner in 2-rail scale. i love mine.

I was hooked when MTH released the Hybrid Demonstrator. I was so impressed I tracked down Demonstrator #2005 with scale wheels. Interestingly enough, #2005 was upgraded with the hybrid drive system and was renumbered to #2010. Here's a "time warp" YouTube of the two of them together at AGHR (and yes, they have scale wheels and fixed pilots).

Went back and forth when the BNSF Heritage Units were announced (I think BNSF could have popped for full heritage paint) and pre-ordered two, then grabbed #5078 when it became available.

Two of them arrived yesterday. Too bad I don't have a layout built yet, so the truck bed cover will have to do for now.

2021-06-25 18.50.132021-06-25 18.49.252021-06-25 18.50.27


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  • 2021-06-25 18.49.25
  • 2021-06-25 18.50.13
  • 2021-06-25 18.50.27
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