A. D. Imfeld Co. PRR GG1 in S gauge -- 1984?

Are you familiar with this GG1 in S gauge?  Apparently it didn't last long on eBay.  Did one of you buy it?  What's it like?  Were many made?  Not that I don't like my TMCC/Legacy converted AM GG1, just curious about cottage created products of our paSt.


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I've had a sighting of one in Tuscan red, very crude by today's standard, even somewhat crude for the 1980's.  Could classify as a "blunt instrument."   I would guess there were 50 or less made. 

But, it was the only GG1 available in S at the time, and there wasn't any hint coming from American Models which introduced their GG1 in 1995.

Image from the NASG website:

A Tuscan GG1 can be seen here:



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