Leandro, the layout is looking great!  Your kids are really doing a great job!  I love the last two photographs!!    I see the right-of-way foreman is really giving that curve the close inspection in the 10th photograph!!!     Did he/she make you do it over?  

Thank you very much for posting the great photographs of your progress!

You must really enjoy watching Enzo build the layout. I recall some of your first photos when he was toddler. Now, he is the track construction foreman. 

Beautiful work on the layout! I especially like "Tool Canyon Pass".

Good to hear from you -


Arctic Railroad

Leandro Garcia posted:

Hi, Guys !

Update of the last post !

My question ! What steps I should work?

  • Put track bed;
  • Works in power distribution for track and switches;
  • Works in my Bridge 



I like those steps - roadbed down - then, you may have put holes in roadbed for wiring - therefore, wiring next or do you mean that you are going put ballast (stones) down now and the track is already on the roadbed? If that what you will do next- then connect the wiring first - and then apply the ballast.

I am not sure what you need to do for the bridge- are you speaking of the trestle curve?

Great progress! 


Arctic Railroad

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