I got to ride on the Jungfrau Railroad last week while on vacation.  According to Wikipedia  the train climbs 1,393 meters over a distance of 9.3 km and the maximum grade is 25%. 

Most of the route is in a tunnel, but here is a picture of the train heading up the first part of the route:

jungfrau pic1

This is what it looks like at the top:


Here is a quick video of the train leaving the station at Kleine Scheidegg:


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I rode this route back in the '80s.  Thanks for rekindling those memories!  I was completely worn out from a hike up (and down) the nearby Schiltorn, and was very happy to relax and ride the train later with some great friends. A wonderful experience, and absolutely gorgeous scenery--what a day that was!

Tuscan Jim

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