As a teen I had a N-gauge layout on wheels that I could roll under my bed.  Also had a tunnel in one corner.  We had a kitten that would lay on her side and paw under it to get at whatever was making the train move.  Or she would get on it and look in the tunnel and jump when a train cam out, or would stick her paw in when a train went in the tunnel.

I ran across this Topic and was reminded of our Katz and the fun she had model-railroading in G scale.



Well, she also enjoyed rail-fanning ( the T behind our house).


Ambush from inside the Playmobil Fort!


This became her favorite venue.




She would reach down and swat the train on it's way past until all that was left was the engine.



Operator of the Plywood Empire Route in the Beautiful Berkshires

Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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I had a cat named for the C&O chessie.Any way I had my mth railking santa fe northern pulling a freight.My cat was in the room.He decide to go some where else.I had my phone using the video camera.While playing it for the first time.I noticed my cat jumping over the train.Do not worry he cleared it big time.There are some nice looking cats her


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Both of my girls enjoy the layout - it’s one of their favorite places to sleep to hide. I should be annoyed but I guess I really enjoy having a furry friend looking over my shoulder on every project I work on. 



M. J. Breen


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"May the Schwartz be with you" 


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While the three cats at my house haven't been able to get to my layout yet. Since I don't let them in the basement yet, I will once it gets finished. I am fully expecting at least one of the cats we have to jump on my layout when they are able to get to it. Which means I may have situations like some of  the ones shown on here.


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