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Someone wanted more pictures of my Grand Central Station, Lionel/ Trainworx and Plasicville Union Terminal kit-bash project.  I wanted a 1930's style train station for my fictional version of Altoona PA- so I needed something 'grander" than the Lionel/ Trainworx model alone, but nothing like the one with the Trainworx GCT Base, or certainly not a "scale" structure, especially not a scale model of the real GCT !!

So, I took two Plasticville Union Terminal kits, assembled the face of one adding the sides from the second one as "wings".  My grandaugher (6 years old at the time) matched the paint of the GCT model.  After painting and LED lighting, I added the new structure to the back of the Lionel one using the base framework to press it to the GCT back (which is markedly plain anyway).  

The front is the train station (platforms and freight dock underneath) while the added-on section became a trolley terminal for a short 027 loop through the "city" using an MTH Bump N Go trolley.

I like it and so do my guests.

                     Station 1     

                     GCT 1            

                    GCT 3

                    Station 2







Images (4)
  • Station 1
  • Station 2
  • GCT 1
  • GCT 3
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