I just had the opportunity to buy that nice G gauge piece made by KMT. It was sitting on eBay in France since several weeks with no bidder on it. As it was only described as an old train with a car i won it for a very fair price....

I am not specialized in this type of train but so colorful and charming that.... you know what it is....

This is an all brass model made by KMT in Japan. now I have many questions about it, when was it made ? Maybe twenty thirty years ago i think. It is in need of a  solid cleaning and polishing and will look fine after except a small scratch on the tender side.

And is it a really protypical model still in existence. LGB seems to have made passenger cars of the same company that could well match with the loco.

Any idea would be more than welcome.....


Many thanks,  Daniel


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Ron H posted:

I saw #268 in this paint on display at the Colorado capital building in the 60s for their centennial. Great purchase. Accurate freight and passenger cars are available from Accucraft. 

The Accucraft cars are 1:20 scale, too large for this loco pictured which is 1:24 scale.

LGB would be closer, 1:22.5 scale but still large.

Delton Locomotive Works produced D&RGW passenger cars in 1:24 scale and I think Heartland Locomotive Works also.


totrainyard posted:

Small world, I have the same Engine.

Made by KMT japan but imported by Sunset Models.

I believe it is 1/24  scale to run with LGB cars.

I paid $800 cash, did I get a better deal ?

Here is the box for proof.

Many thanks for your informations.  I paid 110 euros for it, incredible that nobody bid on it but it was not well desribed. I like this engine, very well made and I do not think many of them has been produced.

All my best wishes, Daniel


it is a very very small world, as I have the same with rounded domes and another one with fluted domes. Year of production was 1983, and I've read that there were only 85 made....I don't think so as there is almost 2 batches, one with the fluted domes and one with the rounded. 

Very beautifull model, I've bought one in Germany and one in the US. 

I 've bought the second one with fluted domes in order to repaint it to be the 278 ( another c-16 that can be seen on a static display at cimarron bridge, Colorado)

I'm in France like you

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