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Lauri and I have a dear friend turning 70. Her kids asked everyone to do a video they are sending out to put together. We collaborated, she being a retired graphic artist, and me being  (working on it) a model railroader. Thought I’d share for something a bit different…


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Well here’s the story on the couplers.  I had 19 Car Works log cars to convert to Kadee couplers, paint and convert 9 from On3 to standard gauge. These I used Athearn arch bar trucks and Intermountain 33” wheels as I couldn’t get any 28” that would work in the truck frames.  To try to level the couplers, I sanded down the Athearn truck bolsters and added washers to the 28” wheel truck bolsters. They are not perfectly aligned and being rough and ready logging track the area where they nearly separated has a big dip in it.

As to the red coupler I was only able to obtain Red Oxide #806 couplers at the time.  These are the only ones that fit into the Car Works brass log car's coupler box (with a lot of sanding and grinding of the shank!).  I have yet to weather these cars so THAT is why some are a little bright.  In case you’re wondering what the "swimming hole" looks like, here you go….

The ladies from the Tom Yorke bordello are taking a day off. Not sure what the goof on the dock is looking at!



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