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Pat's Trains announcement of some RMT Tank cars made me take a closer look at one of their other freight cars. Along with Beeps, Feeps, and Peeps I have a few freight cars lettered for Bethlehem Steel including this hopper car as well as a caboose and depressed center flats with tanks.

I can attest the trucks are all metal with the exception of the air hose and brake rigging on the underside. The sideframes are one piece with non functional springs inserted. Uncoupler is hidden. Coal load was included and hopper doors open. Pretty impressive they can produce a car like this at this price point. I will be ordering a few tank cars.




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@rplst8 posted:

I have several of their ore jennies.  They’re great looking and are perfect for small layouts.  

I have one of the Bethlehem Steel Johnstown Plant scheme, but I’d like about 10 more.

The ore cars are originally from 1970's Atlas kits. K Line produced them for quite some time, then when they closed, I guess RMT acquired the tooling, unless they're clones. They are about the closest to authentic though.

I had some of the ore cars too but sold them. They are scale and out of place next to the traditional size RMT cars. The ore car dwarfed the hopper above. Good deal if you are looking for scale cars though.

It will be interesting to see were the tank cars fit in, traditional or scale. Hoping they are closer to scale here.


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