A major do-over in "Z"

Nearly 20 years ago, Clarke designed and we (Dunham Studios) built a terrific 8' X 15'  Z-scale layout for a client in Yonkers, right outside of New York City. The look was European: that is buildings, scenery, trains, controls. Late last summer the client asked us to come and get his layout, which we did. He wanted to change his European layout to an All-American layout. That, as he well knew, requires more than changing a locomotive or two, or three. It requires new buildings, new signals and a whole new 'look.' As the layout we're working on at present (a 30' toy-look O-scale layout) drew to a close we got ready to start the Z re-do. Below are pictures of the Z layout as it is now. Also a picture of Mike Burke cleaning up those teeny-little train and a picture of Mike, John Doty (partly hidden) and Clarke Dunham pondering the possibilities. I want to take you along as we endeavor to create the look the client wants to see starting in a couple of weeks. (The electrics, electronics and trains are already happening.)

BarbZ-scale layoutZ-scale layout left endZ-scale layout center divideZ-scale layout center rightZ-scale layout right endZ-scale layout mountain castleZ-scale layout roundhouseZ-scale layout control panel & backdropIMG_1428IMG_1430IMG_1427IMG_1410IMG_1409 


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Firewood posted:

Great piece of work! More power to you - I stopped at N scale and did a U-turn. 

I agree the Z layout is wonderful!!  I also stopped at N and did a U-turn!!  That is a great way of putting it Firewood!!

I'll look forward to seeing the new American themed Z layout, and yes as the photo shows, I'll put on my optivisor to look at it!!  

Hi Guys,   For any of you looking for Z Scale goods, let me suggest http://www.zscalemonster.com/z.htm, that's the website for Z SCALE MONSTER TRAINS.  Their very illuminating "SHOP Z" page alone is a directory of more Z Scale manufacturers than you could possibly imagine.  When you haven't touched Z Scale for twenty years (and that's me), it's a hell of a way to get reacquainted again.  Twenty years ago, European trains were all there were.  No so any more.  Likewise, track manufacturers, American structures and trains, DCC control and much more.  Take a look.  You won't be disappointed.

          In terms of photo posting, our plan is to restore the layout to it's original operating condition, photograph it thoroughly, and then do the adaptations.  At the end we'll do another complete photo shoot.          Clarke


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